Smartwatches are considered a “must-have item” by technology followers. But you know, even if you are not a believer, you should still own a Casio watch with Bluetooth…

Casio has long been known as the leading watch brand in Japan and has an important position in the world watch market. In terms of durability and affordable price, it is difficult for any world watch company to surpass Casio. In Vietnam, Casio has been associated with many generations through electronic watches with high accuracy to the second, and is the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to impressive sports watches. With Casio watches with Bluetooth, users can not only be assured of outstanding quality and durability, but also enjoy many conveniences, which are especially useful in today’s digital age.

Casio watches with Bluetooth will help overcome some of the disadvantages of a regular watch. However, the most special thing that the Bluetooth function brings is connecting the watch to a smartphone, making it more convenient for users to make settings for listening to music, setting world time, setting alarms, finding phone phone when the ringer is off…

With a regular watch, after a period of use or when traveling, working abroad – in a different time zone, users will have to rewind the watch, fine-tune the time. As for Casio watches with Bluetooth, you don’t have to worry about that at all. The watch will connect and automatically adjust the time to synchronize with the time on your phone. That way, you’ll always be accurate to your local time wherever you go.

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World Time is the standard time for each city around the world. In the past, the world time setting on Casio watches made many people confused because it was quite complicated. But that will not be the case with a Casio watch equipped with Bluetooth. This wireless connection will allow you to set the world time on your phone with just a few simple steps and then sync back to the watch. According to information from Casio, on the Casio Watch app, the company has now updated the standard time of more than 300 cities around the globe.

  • Automatically adjust the correct time according to the time zone
  • Easily set world time for more than 300 cities
  • Set alarm for watch from smartphone
  • Casio Phone Finder
  • Durable and convenient